Product Placement of RattleSnake Vodka in Lenin’s Body Film We are offering a major vodka product placement in the Lenin’s Body film.CERTITUDE - RattleSnake Vodka is in almost each and every scene. In exchange for an investment in this film the vodka producer will be licensed for an indefinite time to bottle and market this product.CERTITUDE - The audience will leave the theater and have RattleSnake Vodka on their mind.FACT - Months after the film is shown in theaters people will remember RattleSnake Vodka.CONCRETE - This is a Russian film with a uniquely Russian product.CERTITUDE - The audience will see and hear the product mentioned in the dialog.FACT - Alexei is a successful small businessman (the owner of a small Vodka distillery) and Dmitry is an underpaid professor and over paid political campaign adviser. Dmitry is the spokesperson and media spokesperson of the mayor.CONCRETE - The RattleSnake Vodka is the protagonist and is the primary thing advancing the plot.